Friction Stir Welding - Technology - Implementation - Production
Trust in the friction stir welding technology 

About Me

Thanks to my long, practical experience in automation and joining technologies, I am in a position to advise you and your team in a competent, efficient and innovative manner.

It is my job to provide assistance throughout the introduction and implementation of the friction stir welding technology, a technology in which I am highly specialized, in order that you can again concentrate on the key aspects of your business.

I am exactly the right expert if you:

·        Want to understand the process

·        Want to design your product to suit the process 

·        Must develop a production concept.

During the quotation phase I provide expertise in: 

·        Defining the requirements 

·        Analysing the costs 

·        Professional support for your customers and suppliers.

I can also offer assistance with:

·        Process preparation 

·        Production launch 

·        Optimization of the manufacturing process. 

Please contact me for further information!