Friction Stir Welding - Technology - Implementation - Production
Trust in the friction stir welding technology 

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Friction stir welding (FSW) is a fascinating technology which allows premium quality bonding of aluminium components, which are increasingly being used for light-weight applications in many branches of industry. 



You are interested in using this new technology and implementing it in your production process?

What are the requirements and what costs can you expect? 

How can you address an inquiry to a supplier, how can the scope of supply be defined and how can you evaluate your customer’s needs?


Have you decided to set up a new production line? 

What level of automation is best suited? 

How will assistance be given to your customers and suppliers for this technology? 

How can you secure pre-series production and production ramp-up?

I can help you to understand this new technology, to develop your products to suit the process, to plan, set up and successfully operate your production line. 

I am able to provide support and concepts relating to this fascinating joining technology, thus ensuring trouble-free operation in your facility.